The Bitcoin Price Just Ripped Past $35,000 After Consolidation

Bitcoin just set a new all-time high just minutes ago, exploding from $34,000 to $35,800. The cryptocurrency has since retraced slightly to $35,300 as the breakout has slowed to some extent.

BTC’s rally appears to be a byproduct of news that the democrats are expected to win the Georgia Senate elections, which will determine the state of Congress in the years ahead. This “blue wave” that is expected by the pundits will lead to further monetary and fiscal stimulus than if it was a Republican-led Senate.

It’s worth noting that counting is not yet done for the race. Counting has temporarily been paused as the pollsters are expected to come back tomorrow.

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Bitcoin Sets New All-Time High

According to Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, institutions are continuing to accumulate Bitcoin at a rapid clip.

He noted that there was a large amount of BTC that left Coinbase on January 2nd. The number of coins withdrawn amounted to over 55,000 tokens on that single day, which is the largest day of outflows ever for the exchange.

Many see this as a sign that there are institutional players that are buying the cryptocurrency en-masse.

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The Bitcoin Price Just Ripped Past $35,000 After Consolidation

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